Sharapov Kirill


Kirill Sharapov (violin) is the winner and laureate of numerous international competitions: II Lysenko International Competition. (Ukraine, 2002 - II award), the International Competition «Arts and Education of the XXI century» (Ukraine, 2002, 2003, I award), the International Violin Competition (Kloster-Chantal, Germany, 1999, diploma), the International Violin Competition «Youth Assembly of the Arts» (Moscow, Russia, 1996, diploma), B. Kotorovich International Competition for Young Violinists (Ukraine, 1995, diploma), «Yamaha music foundation of Europe» (Ukraine, 2003, I award).

Kirill Sharapov graduated from the Kyiv Secondary Special Music School named after N. Lysenko, P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and post-graduate course of the same institution.

Since 2003 Kirill is the first violin of the string quartet «Collegium»; since 2006 - the first violin of the chamber ensemble “Kyiv” under the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine; since 2008 he participates in the piano trio «ArtLine».

K. Sharapov studied performing arts with E. Feltz, W. Levin, S. Metz, H. Beyerle, M.da Silva.

He has approximately 20 records included to the Foundation of Ukrainian Radio.