Mauger Jacques

Wind and Percussion Instruments

Jacques Mauger (trombone) is the Professor of Geneva University of Music, the trombone class (Switzerland).

Jacques Mauger participated in many international competitions; he was the First trombone in the Paris State Opera Orchestra (Paris, France). Now he is one of the most successful soloists who have proved that trombone can be treated as an independent instrument "equal" to piano or violin.

Jacques Mauger constantly gives concerts as a soloist and the member of ensembles all over the world.

He performed in Australia, Germany, South America, China, Korea, the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Scandinavian countries, Vietnam, Russia and other countries.

He performs with piano, organ, symphony and chamber orchestras, brass bands as well as string quartets and ensembles playing Baroque music repertoire.

Along with performing, Jacques Mauger is engaged in educational activities. He taught at the National Regional Conservatory in Paris, at the Academy «Santa Cecilia» in Rome, at the University of Tokyo. Jacques Mauger takes part in numerous international competitions and festivals as a jury member.

He combines a strong instrumental capacity, a know-how based on a solid experience as well as an incredible sense of the stage. He is also a talented teacher, eager to share his enthusiasm and his love for music, which for him, rhymes with hard work and professionalism. According to Heinz Fadle - Hochshule für Music Detmold - he shows an astonishing convincing ability.

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