M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk the large mixed choir

Among the performance groups of M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk there is a large mixed choir under the guidance of Yulia Ivanova and choirmaster Taras Hmyliuk the most peculiar feature of which is its musical language. The natural synthesis of speech and music, indivisibility of verbal reproduction of text from the multifaceted palette of musical means creates exceptional opportunities for the birth of a wide range of artistic imagery.

A high level of professional skill is the result not only of hard work of the conductor and each singer of the choir but also a constant participation of the choir in numerous art projects, festivals and competitions. Within a long-term creative project “Young Talents of M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk for the Youth of the City”, together with the Youth Symphony Orchestra the choir performed Missa brevis in B-flat major by W.A. Mozart, Spring Cantata and “The Bells” by S. Rachmaninoff.

During the 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Music Art: A Look into the Future”, the choir and the saxophone quartet of M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk performed a Ukrainian premiere – G. Kancheli Cantata “Amao Omi”. In a cooperation with an organist, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Nadiia Yuriichuk the choir performed Missa choralis by F. Liszt.

A special part of the choirs repertoire is made up of songs on spiritual themes. Choral concertsof A. Vedel, D. Bortniansky, A. Hrechaninov, M. Lysenko; works by S. Rachmaninoff, M. Balakirev, M. Leontovich, P. Chesnokov, A. Schnittke, V. Stepurko, L. Dychko, V. Belyaev have repeatedly been the gem of the concert programs at the Conservatoire, House of Organ and Chamber Music, Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Philharmonic Society named after Leonid Kogan. The choir regularly participates in the National Festival-Competition of spiritual hymns “From Christmas to Christmas”, which is held annually in Dnepropetrovsk.

The extensive concert activity of the choir, its varied repertoire make a prospect for the professional development of the group.