Folk Orchestra


The Folk Orchestra (Conductor – Victoria Kikas) is the most original creative group of M.GLINKA DNIPROPETROVSK ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Its uniqueness lies in the variety of timbre tones (struck string, mechanical wind, percussion instruments), and in the closest relationship with national folk origins. The folk art is the Ukrainian talisman of culture, which not only gives inexhaustible inspiration to artists, but also becomes effective force to assert national identity based on human dignity and piety.

The success of the orchestra in numerous artistic activities both in Dnipropetrovsk and outside our region became the basis for the birth of the Folk Instruments Performers Forum, which is traditionally held within the International Festival of Music Art "Music without Limits". In recent years the Folk Orchestra has performed together with the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, soloist and ensemble performer of the National Folk Orchestra of Ukraine, dulcimer and pan-flute player Andriy Voychuk; associate professor of the Folk Instruments Chamber of S. Rachmaninoff Rostov State Music Academy, balalaika player Valentin Tereshchenko; People’s Artist of Ukraine, professor of P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, virtuoso bandurist Roman Grynkiv; Russian concert button accordion player Iosif Purits; Belorussian concert button accordion player Vladislav Pligovka; associate professor of P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, domrist Liudmila Shorosheva and other outstanding folk instrument performers.

The repertoire of the orchestra includes compositions in many genres and instrumental styles of different epochs and trends of world music as well as works of famous performers and composers such as V. Vlasov, O. Tsygankov, G. Jordake, Ye. Podgaits, O. Danylov, O. Gerasymenko, S. Kushnyruk and others.

The orchestra’s participation in the International Festival "Music without Limits" significantly intensifies the development of their professional skills. But the tradition is much easier to start rather than to develop it in the future. Therefore, we wish them inspiration and creativity to keep and enhance the heritage of Ukrainian music.