Wind Band

M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk

Among the creative teams of M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk the Wind Band (conducted by Igor Gruzin) boasts the highest functionality and the widest scope of possibilities. The group’s high mobility, ability to perform outdoors, versatile palette of genres (from traditional marches and waltzes to modern academic music) makes this orchestra desirable on many stages not only of Dnipropetrovsk but also of the entire central region of Ukraine.

Recently, thanks to the scores of Western European and American composers, the orchestra has undergone substantial renewal of the instrumental line up. The timbre palette of the band was enriched by the sound of marimba, flugelhorn, clarinet in Es, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, ophicleide that had certainly had a great positive resonance in the development of professional skills of the young musicians.

The Wind Band is a member of numerous creative projects, competitions, and cultural events. But the foundation of the sustainable dynamics of perfection in orchestral performing is the traditional participation of the orchestra in the International Festival of Music Art “Music without Limits”. During the years of participation the students have performed with the professor of P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, violinist Alexander Trostiansky; professor of the "Carl Maria von Weber" College of Music flutist Stephane Rety; associate professor of P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, pianist Viacheslav Poprugin; professor of the Geneva University of Music, trombonist Jacques Mauger; professor of P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, French horn player Vladimir Shish; rector of the Conservatoire of Vexin (France), saxophonist Florent Monfort; Honoured Artist of Ukraine, trumpet player Andriy Ilkiv and other famous musicians.

Among the original works written for the wind band and soloists the orchestra has performed O. Böhme Trumpet Concerto (soloist – A. Ilkiv), M. Schneider Trombone Concerto (soloist – J. Mauger), I. Stravinsky Piano Concerto (soloist – V. Poprugin), K. Weill Violin Concerto (soloist – A. Trostiansky).

The repertoire of the orchestra includes numerous works created by modern classical music composers.

The young musicians and performers on wind and percussion instruments are looking forward to their tour to France and certainly an interesting repertoire, bright impressions and new horizons of the wind music and performing art.