Dear friends,

I am very pleased to note that my old dream about the foundation of the festival for the main and the most numerous army of musicians, pianists, has come true. This event should give us the opportunity to listen, discuss, argue, learn, understand and look to the future.

In our life, the black and the white colours often represent polar values: East and West, Europe and Asia, with their problems and conflicts. In music, however, piano keys, black and white, symbolize the unity, the philosophy of a single musical space, harmony and beauty. Our festival has the idea of unity - we are all children of the Earth, the children of the European culture, and through cultural space that has no borders, sooner or later we must come to common space of the European home, to the united European family.

In order to realize the major objectives of the festival, which I outlined to you, we envisage the following events: concerts (to attend), meetings-interviews-discussions (to communicate, to argue), master classes (to learn, to understand), concerts of young artists (to look to the Future).

I wish all the participants and organizers the great success! I hope that this wonderful idea will stay with us for a long time.

Respectfully yours, President of the International Festival of Music Art «Music without Limits», Rector of M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk

Yuri Novikov,
President of the International Festival of Music Art "Music without Limits"