Alexey Bogolyubov

Folk Instruments

Jazz pianist and teacher, composer and arranger Alexey Bogolyubov was born March 16, 1986 in Kryvyi Rih .He received his musical education at the R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music.Since2014 he began an active private teaching in jazz harmony and improvisation (for vocalists, double bass and bass guitarists, guitarists, saxophonists, trumpeters, trombonists and pianists). Bogolyubov played with famous musicians , among them Alexey Fantaev (Israel), Alexander Murenko (Ukraine), Roberto Garcia (Cuba), Yissi Garcia (Cuba), Dmitry Alexandrov (Ukraine), Andrey Machnev (Russia), Moran Baron (Israel), Konstantin Ionenko (Ukraine), Melvin Taylor (USA),Tamara Lukasheva (Ukraine) and others.