Purits Iosif

Folk Instruments (accordion)

Iosif Purits (accordion) is the laureate of international competitions.

He was educated at the Music College of Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G.Shnitke (class of prof. A. Ledenev) and Russian Academy of Music (class of prof. F. Lips’s).

He is the winner of more than 20 competitions and festivals such as «Classical Nova» (Germany, 1996), «New Names» ( Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, 2004 ), the International Accordion Competition (Castelfidardo, Italy, 2009), Moscow International Accordion Competition (Moscow, 2010), «Arrasate Hiria» (Arrasate, Italy, 2011), World Trophy Accordion Championship (Spokane, United States, 2012 ), «Accoholiday» (Kiev, Ukraine, 2012).

He is the winner of the 6th Russian Peoples Artiada Junior League, scholarship holder and participant of creative projects managed by funds named after Spivakov, «New Names» and «Russian Performing Arts». He is also a member of «Person – Composer» subscription in the Moscow Philharmonic, «The Person of the Year» by the national newspaper «Music Review» in the «Young Generation» nomination (2011).

Iosif Purits tours and participates in major festivals and other projects in Russia, the USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic, China, France, Spain, Serbia, Denmark, Lithuania and other countries.