Music Theory

Rimantas SLIUŽINSKAS (Klaipėdа, Lithuania)

Dr., Professor, ethnomusicologist.Born on 24 July, 1956 in Alytus. Lithuania.Graduated from Lithuanian State Conservatoire (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre at present, 1980). Doctor thesis on theme “Anhemitonic Peculiarities in Melodic Lines of Lithuanian Folk Songs” (1991, Lithuanian State Conservatoire in Vilnius). Habilitation procedure on theme “Regional and Comparative studies of Lithuanian Ethnic Music” (2009, Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas).

Research Fellow at Folk Music Laboratory, Lithuanian State Conservatoire (1978 – 1982). Lecturer at Folk Music Department, Klaipėda Faculties of Lithuanian State Conservatoire (1982 – 1991). Senior Lecturer (1991 – 1993), Associate Professor (1993 – 2003), Professor (2003 – 2008) at Department of the Baltic Studies and Ethnology, Faculty of Humanities, Klaipėda University. Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology, Klaipėda University (2005 - 2014). Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Musicology, Department of Music, Head of Musical Anthropology Study Group, Academy of Arts, Klaipėda University (since 2014).

Organised and participated at a number of folklore expeditions in Lithuania (since 1976), Russia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine.

Research interests. Ethnomusicology, folklore comparative research, terms of ethnomusicology, musical anthropology, cultural anthropology.

Scientific activities: 2 monographs, over 80 publications in Lithuania and abroad. Over 90 papers in scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Member of Editorial Boards of 9 periodical scientific journals in Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Edited 13 volumes of periodical scientific journals in Lithuania. President of CIOFF (International Folklore Festivals’ Association) Lithuanian National Committee (since 2003). ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music) National representative for Lithuania (since 1999); vice-chair of ICTM Study Group for Traditional Music of the Slavic World (since 2015). Participant of numerous national and international musical folklore research Projects. Expert activities at numerous Councils, Commissions, Committees, etc.