Music Theory

Dalia URBANAVIČIENĖ (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Dr. Ethnomusicologist.Born on December 26, 1958 in Vilnius (Lithuania).Graduated from Lithuanian State Conservatoire (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre at present), speciality of Music History (1981 – 1986, diploma work on Lithuanian wedding dances won gold medal); Doctor thesis on theme “Lithuanian Ritual Ethno-Choreography” (2001, Lithuanian Academy of Music in Vilnius).

Affiliation. Lecturer (1989 – 2003), Associate Professor (since 2003) at Department of Ethnomusicology, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Head (since 1992), Scientific Fellow (1994 – 2003), Senior Scientific Fellow (since 2003) of Ethnomusicology section, Sciences center at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Fieldworks. Organised and participated at a number of folklore expeditions in Lithuania since 1982.

Research interests. Ethnochoreology, ritual ethnochoreography, dance sutartinės research, traditional dance sources and developments in contemporary Lithuania, dance transcription methods and notation systems, analysis and classification of dancing folklore, musical folklore recording and archival documentation methods.

Scientific activities: 2 monographs, over 60 publications in scientific editions, over 70 papers in scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Member of numerous national and international science and art organizations, such as IOV (Internationale Organisation für Volkskunst);  ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music) Study Group on Ethnochoreology; ESEM (European Seminar in Ethnomusicology), etc. leader and participant of national and international musical folklore research Projects. Expert activities at numerous Funds, Councils, Commissions, Committees, etc. Member (1993 – 1999), Head of the Board (since 1999) of Lithuanian Ethnic Culture Society. Founder and leader of Public Traditional Dance Club in Vilnius (since 2002). Organizer of International Traditional Dance Camps (since 2004). Member (2000 - 2004), Vice-Chair (2004 - 2009), Chair (since 2009) of Ethnic Culture Protection Council at Parliament of Republic of Lithuania. Initiator and promoter of a number of State Laws in Lithuania, for example The Law on Ethnic culture state protection (1999).