Susidko Irina

Music Theory

Irina Susidko is the Head of the Analitic Musicology Chamber at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, leading research associate of the Russian State Art Studies Institute, Doctor of Arts (Russia), professor.

She got education at the Dnipropetrovsk Music Collegenamed after M. Glinka, Gnessin State Institute of Music and Pedagogy. She is the author (together with P. Lutsker) of such monographs as “Italian Opera of the 18th Century” (1998, 2004), “Mozart and His Time” (2008), nearly 90 articles on the problems of theory and history of music, textbooks and programs.

Irina took part in scientific conferences in Russia and abroad, read the course of history of the Italian Opera in Munster University (Germany), and improved her professional skills at the Neapolitan University, in the Institute of Musical Theatre in Bayreuth (Germany).