Kopitsa Marianna

Music Theory

Doctor of Arts, Professor of History of the Ukrainian Music and Folkloristic Studies Chamber at the P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, honoured worker of education and member of the National Association of Composers.

She was educated at Tchaikovsky Kiev State Conservatory and in 1984 defended a thesis on «The specifics of the contradictions in dramatic symphonies by B.Lyatoshinsky».

M. Kopitsa’s research interests focus around the issues of the 20th century Ukraine music history, source studies.

She is the author of monographs on «Symphonies by B.Lyatoshinsky (epoch, conflict, drama)» (1990), «Epistology in Music History Labyrinths» (2008).

Marianna Kopitsa prepared to print fifteen issues of «The Scientific Bulletin of P.I.Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine» and «Ukrainian Theme in the World Culture» collection.

She is an active participant of scientific conferences and symposia (in Russia, Poland, Finland, the USA, France and Germany), jury of young composers and researchers competitions and the Curator of the Culture Fund of Ukraine. Since 2011 M. Kopitsa is an initiator and Creative Director of «Ukrainian Music Seasons» in Paris.