Fairclough Pauline

Music Theory

Pauline Fairclough, Doctor of Arts Studies, professor of Bristol University Faculty of Arts.

She obtained the PhD from Manchester University in 2002, spent a year teaching at Keele University and came to Bristol in 2004.

She is a co-chair of the International Musicological Society study group «Shostakovich and his Epoch» and founding member of the Directorium of the BASEES (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, Oxford University) study group Russian and East European Music.

Pauline Fairclough is an author of monographs «Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony», «Classics for the Masses: Socialist Realism and the Westen Canon, 1917-1964», the book «Twentieth Century Music and Politics: Essays in memory of Neil Edmunds» and other articles about Soviet musical culture and contacts between the USSR and foreign countries in the Stalinist period.

Pauline taught music history from the late Classical period to the present day, tonal analysis and twentieth-century Aesthetics. Since 2004 she has been running the following courses: The Music of Shostakovich; Soviet Music; Russian Opera from Glinka to Prokofiev; 20th-century Opera from Tosca to Turnage.