Shchitova Svetlana

Music Theory

Svetlana Shchitova is the head of the History and Theory of Music Chair at M. Glinka Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk, Candidate of Art Studies, a member of the National Ukrainian Composers Union and National Ukrainian Musical Union.

She got education at M. Glinka Music College of Dnipropetrovsk and at A. Nezhdanova Odessa State Music Academy.

Svetlana takes active part in scientific conferences and creative projects. She is an organizer and member of the jury of Ukrainian and regional contests, competitions, festivals such as “Dniprova Pisnia (Dnipro Song)”, “Kamerton XXI (Tuning fork XXI), “Cathedrals of Our Souls”. Scientific and creative work of S.Shchitova is directed to research of the music of Dnipropetrovsk composers.