Bonduriansky Alexander


Graduated from the Chișinău State Conservatory (class of prof. A. Sokovnin), in 1969 he graduated from P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (class of prof. D. Bashkirov). The laureate and the winner of several inter-republic competitions.

The pianist’s concert tours have success in Russia and abroad. The main performances of Alexander Bonduriansky are connected with “Moscow Trio” (together with Vladimir Ivanov and Mikhail Utkin), which is one of the leading chamber ensembles in the world. As a part of this group, A. Bonduriansky became the laureate of the International Competition in Munich (1969, 2nd prize), winner of the competitions in Belgrade (1972), Budapest (1975), and Bordeaux (1976).

Since 1980 he has been teaching at Moscow State Conservatory. The master classes of A. Bonduriansky are successfully conducted in Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Finland, Moldova, Switzerland, the USA, etc.

Alexander Bonduriansky is the author of scientific works on the history of chamber ensemble, composers’ styles, problems of art interpretation and music education. He is the Candidate of Sciences, chairman and jury member of numerous international and all-Russian competitions. He is vice-rector of Moscow State Conservatory, President of Chamber Music Association of the International Union of Musicians. He was awarded the honourable title “People’s Artist of Russia”, Moscow Prize in Literature and Art, The Gold Medal of Irina Arkhipova Fund, Medal of Honour of P. Tchaikovsky Fund.

Bonduryansky showed a mature understanding of the innovative spirit of fantasy, boldly emphasizing the register discoveries, ingenious elements of piano virtuosity, and most importantly, was able to find a single rod in the diverse musical content of the romantic composition.

L. Zhyvov