Kaneko Maho


Maho Kale Kaneko (piano) - Professor of Würzburg University of Music (Germany).

Maho Kale Kaneko was born in Japan. She graduated from the Tоho Gakuen Conservatory in Tokyo and the Higher School of Music in Germany (Karlsruhe) and in Paris (class of pianist Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen (wife of the famous composer Olivier Messiaen).

Maho Kale Kaneko is engaged in concert activity, she goes on tour with various international orchestras and instrumentalists in Europe, South America, Russia and Japan. Her performances were showed live on Radio-TV of Japan.

She is a member of jury of many competitions and festivals. Among them there are international competitions for young pianists in Germany, Poland, Russia, and International Competition for Young Pianists "Step towards Mastery" (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Since 1979 she has been working as a professor of Würzburg University of Music.